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Our Theme, Time and Place

Tourism drawn to the area for the hot spring fed valley river and numerous outdoor attractions have nearly replaced the timber and mining based economy in the Twin Rapids mountains.  It is mid fall just after the first snow in the high country.  The foothills are filled with bright fall colors but the valley floor is still green.  At this time activities for all seasons can be enjoyed.

Major Scenes and Structures

bullet17 major town buildings including a 2 level large station serving 2 mainlines, a fire station with hook and ladder practice drills, school, clinic, garage, stores, commercial buildings, restaurants and bars.
bulletChurch with weddings.
bulletCemetery with burial service and grave diggers.
bulletArt festival with wild life paintings and a band.
bulletMusic festival with viewers, band and clowns.
bulletLarge multi level town pier with boat rentals rentals and sun deck
bulletMulti level zoo with 8 animal groups, restaurant and observation deck
bulletLarge farm and stables.
bulletSaw mill with with log cutting, loading cranes, wood storage and work crews.
bulletAvalanche train disaster with 52 rescue workers and victims, observers and lawyers viewed from the large wooden bridge.
bulletSanta's Village with ice pond, ski mountain with lifts and ice climbers (added after layout photo)
bullet9 hole challenge golf course with club house (added after layout photo)
bulletHidden Beach scenic railroad with town station and Hidden Beach timber frame station.
bulletHidden beach resort with 55 guests, 3 lodges, wedding reception, deck tennis, sun bathers, waterfall, sand beach and snack shop.
bulletWhite water rafting, fishing and scuba diving.
bulletRock climbing with ledge camp.
bulletHot air balloons.
bulletAlpine meadow with buffalo, bear, dear and photographers (added after layout photo)
bulletAuto/deer accident with tow trucks and rescue crews.
bulletCamp ground and trailer park.
bulletHiking and horseback riding
bullet36 tunnel portals and 15 bridges including a large wooden trestle bridge.
bulletNearly 2000 animals and people.
bulletOver 2000 had made trees plus bushes, grasses and many other plants, many made from preserved moss.
bulletVarious trackside buildings, scenes and much more.


Model Railroad Woodworking Project Information

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Toys For All Ages Woodworking Plan Categories

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