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Jewelry Cabinets



Jewelry Box Cabinets  In 5 styles


Huge Capacity

These 60 inch high jewelry box cabinets each contain 11 dovetailed drawers, 10 inside door bins for pins bracelets and other small items, 2 shelves, a large necklace closet on the right side that will hang over 100, depending upon size, and large secret compartment.

Use The Core Cabinet To Create Your Own Design

By altering the crown molding,  base cabinet trim and pulls and knobs you can create your own unique style.  More advanced woodworkers can add carving and custom shop made moldings.

Straight Forward Construction

These cabinets were built with ordinary shop tools.  Building 5 cabinets of different styles at one time required that unnecessary complexity be eliminated and it enabled us to refine the dimensions, techniques and processes involved which will save you many hours of in shop planning.  Our cabinet panels are veneer on 3/8 Baltic Birch veneer core plywood.  Solid wood panels are an option.



Sepelli Pommelle face veneer, birds eye eucalyptus sides and rift sawn white oak frame. Rustic style.

Interior drawers White Oak and black burl veneer interior walls.  

Birds eye maple solid boards and veneers with Panga Panga frame.  Contemporary style.



Interior drawers solid Birds Eye Maple and interior walls veneer.

Book matched Curly Koa panels and Hickory frame.  Southwest style with shop made knobs from elk horns.


African Rosewood interior and Hickory drawers.

Book matched Bubinga Burl face and sides.  Formal style with curved moldings and crystal knobs. Waterfall Bubinga veneer interior and Cherry drawers.


Black Walnut frame with book matched quilted African Rosewood panels. Casual style.


Quilted African Rosewood inside and Black Walnut drawers.


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